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Customers want to be engaged. While they’ll only spend 8 seconds looking at an advert, they’re happy to invest an average of 25 minutes reading a content marketing title. Most brands appreciate this and are changing their marketing approaches to be content-led. But it only works if the writing is engaging and interesting. It’s pointless putting poor content out there – at best, it will be ineffective but it could also irreversibly damage a brand.

What we do?
  • We write for print, web and mobile devices
  • We make sure everything we write will work across multiple channels, we make each piece sweat.
  • We conduct extensive research into all the sectors we work across – from private banking to insurance – to find out the issues the audience want to know about. It’s our mission to find out their 3am moments.

What makes us different to the rest?
  • Our Editorial team includes ex-FT journalists and best-selling business authors. We know what we’re talking about.
  • We’ve interviewed over 1,000 customers and prospects for our clients. From specialist Treasury products to Asset Finance, there’s nothing our team haven’t written about.
  • We spend a lot of time creating a specific tone of voice for a brand and once we have it, we adhere to it at all times. We check all content with a brand champion before it’s published anywhere.

We’ve written on activist investing, real time trading, counterparty credit risk, notional cash pooling, commodity hedging and the future of the RMB in the last 6 months alone.
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