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Mobile is maturing and according to comScore’s, Global Mobile Report 2015, now accounts for 56% of all time spent on the internet.

Apps now account for 81% of all time spent on mobile with 31% of that being spent on social media.

There are several ways apps and mobile more broadly can be useful for B2B brands:

Events – create an app for RSVP’s, session information, voting and contact information for networking. You can also let people push out messages via other social media channels direct from the app.

Security – help any customers concerned with online security by sending out alerts of any potential breaches
Networking app – Use the location-aware capabilities of mobile devices to create an app that lets your prospects and customers find people in their industry that might have mutually beneficial interests.

Our experience:

We’ve created several apps for global brands. These all form part of wider content thought leadership campaigns but we only suggest them when we believe there is an appetite for them.

We designed and produced an app and community portal for the leading accountancy firm for owner-managers.
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