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Last year eMarketer predicted that businesses would invest a total of $118.4 billion in content, video and social media marketing in 2013. Facebook now sees around 750 million unique visits a month and Twitter is seeing 250 million unique visits. Previously, social media has been seen as the preserve of B2C businesses, but there are significant opportunities for social media in B2B. B2B brands can achieve a significant return on investment when they use social media to promote products and services. You just need to make sure you know where your audience is, and where they want to meet you.

Our approach:
  • We’ve helped brands use social media to launch new products/services and to complement offline campaigns
  • Using LinkedIn is another great way we’ve helped brands share content, build communities and increase their website traffic
  • And we’re no stranger to the power of video in social media. We’ve used many examples to demonstrate what your brand stands for and how it differentiates from the competition

We’ve provided the global LinkedIn content runway for a client across the UK, Dubai, Turkey and Hong Kong.

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