While 81% of financial marketers believe content marketing will become more important, only 41% have a strategy*. This strategy gap is cited as being the biggest hurdle to successful content marketing.

We help our clients bridge that gap by developing integrated content marketing strategies. They focus activity for greatest efficiency, reduce duplication and lead to robust Return on Investment methodologies.

And we’re not just jumping on the content bandwagon. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years for 26 of the world’s leading financial brands.

*Source: The Financial Content Marketing Survey 2014
Our approach:
  • We carry out an initial audit of a brand’s current approaches and benchmark these against best in class, both within a specific sector and across the industry as a whole.
  • Following this audit, our content strategists create user personas and suggest activities against the Content Engagement Funnel.
  • We then map these activities across a time specific Content Calendar, showing content seeding. We believe each piece of content created needs to work across multiple channels.
What makes us different?
  • We have deep knowledge of the issues facing finance and B2B brands.
  • We know how to talk to our customers’ customers. We help brands not to interrupt but to engage.
  • Our Content Engagement Funnel is proven to increase ROI and deliver effective strategies.
We developed the Thought Leadership proposition for a $673bn AUM US Asset Management Firm.

Our client needed to shift brand perceptions with a global audience of CEOs. At the same time, they needed to generate significant new revenue.

Our content engagement campaign:

Whet the audience’s appetite with a thought leadership report. It was promoted through earned media or PR, including blogger outreach.

Next we grabbed attention with a tightly focused digital advertising campaign that posed provocative questions from the research.

Intrigued, targets clicked through to a content-rich microsite. They could explore the data with an ipad friendly tool, and view customer insight in video and text.

The best prospects attended a face-to-face event, where we supplied expert speakers.

Our journalists captured this insight, and disseminated it through social media.

We leveraged it through a range of owned media including the client’s magazine and ezine.

We then turned this into pithy sales collateral for front-line sales teams.

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